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Starfield, Starfield, Starfield!!

----My love and enthusiasm to Starfield Guitar

The very first time I saw Starfield guitar, was studied the private guitar lessons to Geddy Lin. He has a milk-white Altair SJ Custom, and my first impression of this guitar was it was a playable guitar, the thin & narrow neck definitely suited for my hand, and the touching of un-finished neck felt good to me.

Lately I began hanging on ebay to hunt Starfield guitars, and the Cabriolet (USA) Special started my collection of these beautiful guitars.


Starfield guitar is a subsidiary of Hoshino Corp., from the information I have, Starfield should have USA, Japan and Korea factories. The Japan and Korea lines belong to popular products, they are co-used the product lines with Ibanez guitars. The USA line is high-end line, manufactured in Ibanez Custom Shop California factory.

There are two basic types to Starfield guitars, one is ALTAIR series which is twin cutaway, the other is CABRIOLET series which is single cutaway. ALTAIR followed the designed radius of Ibanez talman guitar guitar (same setting as Satriani's guitar). CABORIOLET mixed telecaster's body shape and Musicman Axis Series. Both two were designed by the chief of Artist Relations for Hoshino/Ibanez, Mr. Chris Kelly.

From the information and catalogue we can acquire nowadays, the Starfield should be held on the end of 80', and closed around 1994~1995. But there was also a period around mid 70'to early 80', Ibanez had a electric and acoustic guitar lines named in Starfield. You can recognize on the pictures that the logo on 70'and 90'Starfields are different.

It's weird that although Starfield ran their way to high quality and low price, but she was never popular to the market. And Hoshino finally closed Starfield's door in mid 90'.


There are some guitar heroes to be the spokesman to Starfield guitar, like Richie Kotzen and Kurt Cobain. Following pics are the Cobain's Starfield which was sold more than 15,000 usd on ebay.


Steve Vai and Joe Satriani also used Starfield guitars in very short period. Moreover, Starfield also had amp line, which was mad in UK and handcraft by LEED, the amp series included Valve Amp VT-50 and VT-100 (50 watt & 100watt), Valve Preamp, Valve Power Amp.

Followings are Starfield catalogue.


Starfield Cabriolet Special

This Cabriolet Special is my first Starfield and mainly playing guitar, she has two Bill Lawrence humbuckers, and sounds more mid frequency but not so much nasal sound, very sweet for me.

Starfield Cabriolet SJ Limited

This Cabriolet SJ Limited only has Japan made, it has three colors, besides this green, still has red and sunburst. I personally love the sound holes very much, very beautiful. The original pickups of this guitar are not so good, she can sound better if changed proper pickups.

Starfield Altair (USA) Custom

Altair (USA) Custom, USA made.

Starfield SJ Custom

Starfield Altair (USA) Classic


This is Altair demostration vedio made by the ebayer kolpak6

Starfield Bass

This bass should be a prototype for some bass player, the bird eye maple neck is extremely beautiful. She only has P type pickup, and has traditional sounding.

Starfield LP Standard (1977)


Starfield Howard Roberts (1977)

Starfield LP Custom (1977)

Starfield Valve Preapmp

This preamp has four 12AX7A tubes, and has clean channel and overdrive channel. You also can switch bright and crunch in clean channel, and has an scream switch in overdrive channel. I think this preamp is suitable for fusion and rock, it's not enough to play metal. The dynamic is wonderful to this preamp, and the punch of every note you played is very clear.

Starfield Valve Amp VT50 (50Watt)

Two 12AX7A tubes in preamp, one 12AX7A and two 6L6 tubes in power amp. Overdrive channel is good but the clean channel is bad to me, I can say this is a Marshall-like amp


I am always to talk and share the Starfield guitar information to anyone, so if you still have any question want to discuss with me, please feel free to send email to